We don’t need animals for experiments 

There’s no excuse for hurting and killing animals for the sake of make-up, soap and other things! Fortunately  Instead, companies have developed new, humane testing methods to ensure that their products don’t harm humans or animals🐰👧🏻

In March 2013, a new European Union (EU) law was fully implemented that made it illegal to sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe, even if the testing was done outside Europe. This sales ban made it clear that animal testing is wrong and also that profiting from this is immoral.Since this major companies have turned their backs completely on animal testing and no longer use ingredients that were tested on animals – and a number of animal tests have been completely replaced with superior, cheaper and more effective non-animal methods. YAY! 

In 2009, these tests were banned in Europe, but products tested elsewhere could still be imported.This is SO important because many large markets, such as China, are demanding that cosmetics be tested on animals. Because of this, the only way to be completely sure that you aren’t indirectly supporting animal testing is to continue to purchase products only from companies that don’t test on animals. So how do you know which do and which don’t? 

Ever heard of Lush? Oh I’m sure you have they have the coolest things that are not tested on animals! They are all vegan and vegetarian and they all smell AMAZING! All there ingredients are fair trade too what more could you ask for in a company?! They also sell the most amazing fighting animal testing bags, all there bottles and tubs which the products are in are recyclable! If you take back 5 black pots from there shop you get a free FRESH face mask, ever tried them? If not then your missing out! They also do so much for so many different charities. So make sure you head down to your Lush store and get some amazing cruelty free products! Ps some also have a spa which do amazing treatments!🙊https://www.lush.co.uk 

amazing bag you can buy at lush

There is also an amazing organisation called Leaping bunny! Very cute 🐰

They make cruelty free shopping so much easier as it can be very misleading we want to make sure our money isn’t getting turned into blood money funding animal testing! So they made it easy for us by stamping each cruelty free product with a leaping bunny sign! Yay! Also to make it even easier you can order a free pocket book called “the little book of cruelty free” perfect size to fit into you purse/wallet! Full of brands from make up to house products who do not test on animals! http://www.leapingbunny.org


look for the leaping bunny stamp!

There are so many shops close to home who’s own brands don’t test on animals! Such as co-operative, morrisons and SuperDrug! 🙉

Why are millions of animals STILL suffering in laboratories? There’s no justifiable reason. Companies do not need to torture animals in order to test mascara, shampoo, detergent, or other household products. Scientists do not have to torment monkeys in order to cure a disease. There are so many ways you can help! 

1. Always buy cruelty free products. ALWAYS look for the leaping bunny sign! 🐰 and lush.. They have bunnys everywhere!   

2. Educate others! Don’t leave people in the dark about the horrors of animal experiments. Knowledge is power! Brush up on the facts so if anyone asks any questions you can be the best animal defender you can! 

3. Leave your body to science! Might sound scary but consider leaving your body to science to help scientists, doctors, and medical students advance their research and training without hurting animals. You won’t have any use for it, and wouldn’t it be lovely to know that even after you’re gone, you can still help animals?

4. Donate and help out as much as you can! Ever heard of Dr Hadwen? Well they are doing so many scientific research WITHOUT animals! And so many people need to know about this! WE DONT NEED ANIMALS FOR EXPERIMENTS! 🙊🐰🐭http://www.drhadwentrust.org/supporters/supporters


Seven centres of spiritual power in the human body

Also known as Chakras! 

Ok so, in the human body are seven main chakras. Each one has an attachment to separate body areas including glands and organs. The word chakra means wheel in Sanskirt. 

Your thoughts control the energy flow within and around you. Whatever you think detriments how you feel and also what you experience. Different energy centres within and around your body are influenced by what you think and your thinking habits. In other words the things you concentrate on the most so let’s say… Money, relationships and so on these all affect your energy centres. 

Your body is full of many chakras, physics and healers generally only concern themselves with the major ones you can see where they are on the picture above. This life energy springs from the divine and gives us access to all wisdom and psychic information oooooo 👻

So chakras radiate and receive energy constantly..24/7 none stop! If you hold negative thoughts your chakras become dirty with dark energy and no like likes dark energy! This makes you feel out of balance and just blah! You also lose touch with your natural psychic abilities yup we all have them! You have a chakra for each issue you commonly think about. There’s a chakra related to thoughts about your future, your relationship, goals, lifestyle.. Basically everything. If you completely just base your thoughts on love and faith these chakras operate at a perfectly healthy rate. Your energy and life flow smoothly and you experience harmony wooo. 

Almost everyone is prom to worrying or obsessing about life I know I do! Fear thoughts affect the chakra that corresponds to the issue your thinking about. That chakra then becomes dirty and will shrink or become swollen this may make you experience fatigue and headaches without realising why! 

Clear them and make way for your intuitive powers 🔮

Chakras affect your intuitive abilities. With cleansed and balanced chakras you will feel in a nice state of high energy! You don’t need to add anything to yourself enjoy these characteristics; you already own them within yourself. Just like a sculptor needs to chip away the parts of the statue that aren’t part of the ultimate creation you only need to clear away the fear to reveal your innate qualities. 

I’ve learnt that you become more suffocated pretending to be someone your not to get other people’s approval. You don’t need they’re approval, we’re all different and that’s what makes us great! 

Ouija Boards 

Okay so! Ouija boards! I posted a picture of me working with one the other day and got asked questions so..

I’m gonna not talk about the whole “it’s the tool of the devil bit” cos well… That’s stupid. 

The problem with ouija boards is that anyone can use one ANYONE you don’t have to be skilled or have a degree or anything to use one which is what brings trouble to people because careless people use them.. Stupid people who think there a joke or a game well.. There not.

Ouija boards are just as evil as your monopoly table.. But in the hands of someone who’s an idiot they could be, it’s a spiritual gateway it’s basically a phone to the spiritual world or a chat room let’s say. It’s all well and good thinking I want to talk to my nana that passed away but the things with Ouija boards is.. You don’t know who is what when you open the gateway to the spiritual world.. Even spirits will fake to be a certain person to cause mayhem.
A Ouija board is a divinatory tool. It’s purpose is to answer a question by inviting spirits to speak to the people using the board. It’s not guaranteed that something will happen but there’s no way to control what DOES happen. 
The scary thing using a Ouija board is in order to get the spirit to contact you through the planchette you basically have to give up your will and work as a medium; it’s the only way for them to work through you. The spirit isn’t moving the planchette but it’s causing you to move it with your hands by the way of possession(don’t freak out its not always a bad thing) once you’ve opened up to the board it’s a shit(pardon my French) shot as to what’s going to try an make contact if your randomly just calling upon any nearby spirit then you don’t know who or what is moving that planchette around or what it’s purpose is. 
NOW! I never usually work with a Ouija  board cos I have studied the work of the board so many times through family and books but when I do I usually…
Cleanse the whole room I’m using by smudging before I get started I also cast a circle(a protective one so that anything bad will stay out of my working area) 
I only call upon a specific spirit of people for assistance I don’t just open it up to any spiritual being that wants to drop in. 
But at the end of the day it’s divination plain and simple, your giving yourself to the spiritual world so you get what you call up, but if you don’t know what to deal with what your invoking you shouldn’t be doing it… I know a lot of people think Ouija is dangerous but honestly it has more to do with the common sense level of the people using it
Bottom line if your unsure about what you’re doing or inexperienced with dealing with spirits you may want to find some other method of divination that doesn’t involve voluntary possession. 

Grounded ✨

SO! I haven’t done a blog in a few days (omg) I have been having a bad time and needed a few days to clear the mess in my little head and sort myself out

So tonight I dragged myself up and went to meditation! I’ve never done meditation in a proper class before cos of my panic attacks and people scare me sometimes ah. But I went and I don’t regret a thing! 

I have suffered from panic attacks for many years and lately they have been getting the better of me pft, I have felt so imbalanced the past few days so I thought why not go to a class full of people who suffer the same as me and see what it’s like! Make new friends, new experience, conquer a fear! 

So out of doing this I met my  animal spirit guides ( animal spirit guides what are they?) well my friends they are animal spirits that serve you as your guide and come into your life for a purpose.. However they choose you! You don’t choose them. So when seeing these beautiful creatures they were a wolf and a bear, the wolf was amazing jet black fear with hints of brown when the sun hit it and big amber eyes! The bear was a big cuddly thing! The colour brown with huge paws. I felt so relaxed in there company they walked by my side! 

After googling what both animals meant it all made sense why they showed there selfs to me to comfort me and reassure me that they where there watching over me. After my meditation session I felt so grounded with the earth and at peace I haven’t had a panic attack since I come out and I am so tired I’m positive I’ll have an amazing sleep tonight ready to crack on with my day tomorrow! Positive vibes all day!

It’s amazing! Meditating can unlock things you didn’t know about! I advise everyone to do it. Take a few minutes out your day to sit and just breathe and be in the moment, be one with nature…ground yourself with the earth feel it’s energy being grounded is everything! 

Goodnight friends! 

Blessed be✨



 So many of you guys have been wanting to know about my religion and what it is summed up! So Wiccan’s celebrate nature as the representation of the God and Goddess-the perfect balance. They are opposites but equals. We don’t have many rules, it’s really just the rule of three which states that whatever you put out there will return threefold, good or bad. Magic is considered bad if it harms, confuses or manipulates a person. We respect everything seen and unseen! Nature plays a big part in Wicca we worship it and look after it, we respect it and do not mess with it. 

I don’t do magic much but if I do I cast a circle with different coloured candles at each cardinal point to represent each element.. 
North-earth so I use green

South-fire so I use red 

East-air so I use yellow 

West-water so I use blue 

And asked to be watched by the God and Goddess.. For each spell you can call on an individual God or Goddess but it’s what suits you personally and then I’d do my ritual. I write most of mine myself but it is fine to look them up! 

I also use herbs candles and in sense in rituals. But herbs are my speciality🙈
We work with each moon phase and we have sabbats which we celebrate! There are 8 of them which are;
Yule which is the winter soltice which is celebrated on December 19th-23rd 
Imbolic on Febuary 1st

Ostara which is the spring equinox which is celebrated on March 19th-22nd 

Beltane May 1st

Litha summer soltice June 19th-22nd

Lughnasadh August 1st

Mabon autumn equinox September 19th-22nd

Samhain October 31st (my favourite one) 

So these are celebrated each year covens will gather and do a ritual, solitary witches will do there own it’s an amazing time celebrating each one you can feel a change in the air it’s amazing!

So that’s basically Wicca summed up! If you want to read more about it my favourite book is; 

Wicca for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham 

Hope this helped you know more about Wicca ✨

Battling with the brain 

  Been getting a few questions about my depression and panic attacks and how I deal with them without being on prescribed tablets.. I have Tried a lot of antidepressants and heart slowing tablets and each of them made me worse.. Hallucinating,hair loss,vomiting, sucidal thoughts everything! I don’t believe in them id never put things like that into my body, I believe in self help and all things natural! 
I drink as many uplifting herbal teas but my favourite is lavander as it calms you but is also such an uplifting herb! The smell and the colour is an instant mood boost! And to keep myself calm after a hectic day and to help me sleep I drink chamomile such a relaxing herb I also add honey in it for a bit more taste! You can buy chamomile and honey already made tea bags from Holland and barret my go to shop!

I am a strong believer in mediating I do it as much as possible and go to classes every Tuesday filled with like minded people and there is nothing better! Mediation is the healthiest thing ever it works wonders and I’d recommend it to everyone. Sit in your room with dimmed lights or a candle I prefer a candle with a smell or an incense stick and just sit and focus on breathing and clear your mind! 

Also I keep rescue me remedy in my bag at all times! It’s a herbal essential 4 drops on the tongue or in a drink and you are almost instantly reassured and comforted…

I think having someone who makes you feel safe and understands you is also such an amazing thing I’d be absolutely lost without my boyfriend he’s my best friend! I know if I have a panic attack or a depressive episode he will comfort me and give me some reasurance without the “it’s okay” “you’ll be okay soon” “it’s no big deal” lines that we all hate! He has been there at the worst of times he is so amazing! 

And as for antidepressants if you go to your local Holland and Barret they have all natural tablets that act as an antidepressant but arnt so addictive! So many other little things help calm all these things such as..

  • Meditation
  • Crystals
  • Fruit
  • Walks
  • Music 
  • Reading 
  • Drawing
  • Films

I find that sticking on my favourite film no matter how low I feel helps that little bit more..reading a book helps time pass, having a crystal on me that matches the mood I’m in helps a lot to crystals that block negativity are always good such as an amethyst! Reading helps time go by and there’s nothing better than getting lost in a book! Or walking to watch the sunset or watch the stars that’s mine and my boyfriends favourite thing to do together! 

So give these things a try! Let me know if they work for you if I haven’t answered any questions just ask! ✨

A positive vibe creates a postivie day!✨

So since my absolutely dreadful panic attack filed day and night last night I was dreading going to work today, for people who have experienced panic attacks before they are a nightmare and drain you of everything. I didn’t even want to go into work to force a smile and try and be positive! But I bit the bullit and off to work I went! 

Walking in all my lush work buddies (lushies) as our manager likes to call us, where smiling being all bouncy and it lifted my mood up abit after getting compliments and speaking to lovely people about the smallest thing like a nice smell my mood instantly lifted and before I knew it I’m dancing round the shop and being happy! 

I could feel it spreading round my body and it was making other people happy to!

Positivity goes a long way just like a smile you smile it passes on, so spread the positivity to! 

I had such a good day today and now I’m tucked up in bed with a chamomile tea cleansing my crystals! 

Blessed be ✨

It’s okay 

  It’s okay to sit and have a deep think about the good and bad parts of your life, feel the sadness and anger of past things. But also remember what living through the bad things have brought you, you wouldn’t be where you are today if them things didn’t happen. Appreciate the good and live in the moment take in everything smells and sights and every emotion. Don’t let fears, the past, sadness, anxiety and panic attacks ruin your life I let them ruin a whole day for me today and I’m still battling them tonight.. But that is okay! Starting from tomorrow in work I’m thinking nothing but positivity and spending my whole day with a smile! ✨positivity

This generation 

It’s sad, how when you see couples on “dates” they sit across from each other heads down.. Staring at their phones.. Probably making status’s about how they’re having an amazing date night with there partner instead of actually putting the phone down and enjoying it, being in the moment doesn’t exist anymore, people make there life up over Facebook and Instagram, romance turns into posting as many couple pictures as you can and captioning “goals”. No one actually goes out without there phone to watch the sunset,surroundings done exist anymore because we’re too busy staring at a screen. I see babies on busses wanting attention from there mummies but there too busy making a status about how there going for a day out with there child instead of actually not bothering about the world knowing and focusing on the child. Cheating is being made to seem so normal now and men aim to have a “main chick” and a “side chick” and this doesn’t seem to bother girls… This generation scares me.. It’s so sad.